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Last Mile Urban Transport

Pollution free alternative

Last mile Urban transport is characterized by low speeds(25 km/hr), limited distances(10-20 kms) and temperature variations from -20C to +40C and have to meet a very low cost. In India and SE Asia the price point to met is $2500 for a viable vehicle. The incumbent technology is two-stroke engines implemented as 3-wheelers called variably […]

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Consumer Electronics

Rapid charging, long life solutions

Consumer electronics solutions have high current requirements on start up and special conditions like hot swaps. These are currently addressed by oversizing the Li Ion cell to address these specific needs. Amperics offers an integrated hybrid solution that uses Amperics supercapacitors to support the high current instances while using Li Ion to source normal operating […]

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Solar Power

Twenty year life, high power response

Current solar load shifting storage is largely deployed by  lead acid batteries. The low cost and safety of lead acid batteries make it best of the poor solutions available.  In ancillary services such as frequency regulation pumped hydro is the incumbent technology as lead acid does not have the necessary power response. Amperics technology is […]

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Light EV

No compromise solutions

The Lead Acid battery is the incumbent technology for light EV like forklifts and golf carts. This despite that that they take several hours to charge and have to be monitored for both charge capacity and health. They further require replacement packs for to ensure availability of the vehicle 24/7. The alternative solution from Amperics […]

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