Last Mile Urban Transport

Last Mile Urban Transport

Lower cost, install once & forget-about-it solution

Last mile Urban transport is characterized by low speeds(25 km/hr), limited distances(10-20 kms) and temperature variations from -20C to +40C and have to meet a very low cost. In India and SE Asia the price point to met is $2500 for a viable vehicle.

The incumbent technology is two-stroke engines implemented as 3-wheelers called variably as tut-tuks or autorickshaws. The pollution engendered by these vehicles as populations have migrated to urban centers have made life unlivable in large cities across SE Asia.

Clearly these vehicles have to be converted to electrical drives. However, neither lead acid-batteries due to its weight not Li Ion batteries due to their temperature & safety limitations are viable in these applications. They are also limited long charge times and low cycle life.

Amperics HEDS Supercapacitors having rapid charge times(minutes0, wide operating temperatures(-40C +65C) are the ideal solutions. Instead of having to store several kWhs to be functional, as little as 500 whr can be stored and charged several times a day. This provides a lower cost solution than either a lead acid or Li Ion implementation.

Amperics provides customized solutions with integrated dc-dc boost converters for these applications