HEDS Capacitors

HEDS 600F Capacitor – 6 Pack

HEDS Capacitors

6 Pack of 600F 3V HEDS Supercapacitos

Product Description

HEDS is the most competitive super capacitor in the market today. We offer 3 volt units from 50F to 5000F and 12V & 24V Modules of varying capacity and are the cheaper than Lead Acid batteries in most applications. Additionally, we can deliver custom solutions that are not part of our standard offering. We also provide a technologically unique and advanced product that provides more storage for a given F rating Try us now in any of the range of applications that you would use super capacitors and literally get more bang for your buck!

HEDS 600F Capacitor – 6 Pack
Rated Capacitance:  600F
Rated Voltage:96 3.0 V
Max peak current:  389A
Price Break Unit Price (USD)
1 75.00
10 71.00
100 69.00