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No cold or hot issues with Amperics Ultracaps

Data sheet performance across the entire operating temperature range.

Among the most difficult issues to contend with while sizing an energy storage device is the performance of the device when the operating temperature deviates from the standard temperature of 25C. Lead acid batteries have a dramatic loss of energy as temperatures drop to zero degrees centigrade and below. This while the data sheet indicates […]

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Amperics in Light Electric Vehicles

Short range, rapid charging requirements are the characteristic criteria

  Light Electric Vehicles take 2-4 people or an equivalent amount of cargo short distances(5-10 km) General use cases of light electric vehicles arena  golf carts, fork lifts, auto-rickshaws(tuk-tuks), electric wheel chairs etc. Currently, all of these vehicles are powered either by lead acid batteries or more recently Li Ion technology. The long charge time(hours […]

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