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Supercapacitors vs. Batteries – A short primer

The Amperics edge

Energy storage is *the* key component for creating sustainable energy systems. That being said, there are no universally good solutions to energy storage. Batteries whether legacy technologies like lead acid or newer technologies like Li Ion chemistries are based on electro-chemical storage mechanisms. The charge and discharge process in batteries is a slow process and […]

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Why $/kwhr is not the right way to evaluate supercapacitor cost

Supercapacitors: the best solution in high power, long life, wide temperature applications

Among the first questions that is asked by a customer considering supercapacitors for energy storage is – “what does a supercapacitor cost on a $/kwhr basis”. This is the universal metric for evaluating the cost a battery. However, the appropriate question to be asked is – “what the cost of the Amperics supercapacitor as implemented […]

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