Who We Are

Who We Are

The Amperics Advantage

There are no good solutions in energy storage today. The legacy technology, Lead Acid batteries, is over a 100 years old and is incumbent only because it has the lowest upfront cost. The rising technology, based on various Lithium ion chemistries is now the de facto technology on all mobile applications due to its high volumetric and gravimetric specific energy density and relatively superior lifetime performance. Nevertheless, from an applications perspective, all battery technologies intrinsically have poor power, temperature and lifetime performance. Lithium Ion technologies have the additional issue of safety.

In the absence of viable alternatives, the world attempts to force fit one of these two technologies into all applications with great compromises in both cost and performance.

Enter Amperics.

Amperics’s Gen1 technology delivers Lead Acid equivalent energy density performance while delivering power, temperature and lifetime metrics that address the needs of the vast majority of storage applications today.

And critically, the Amperics solution delivers a lower Total Cost of Ownership in those applications that demand greater than 1000 lifetime cycles.

In many applications, the optimal solution is an hybrid solution which combines Amperics technology with a conventional Lead Acid or Li-Ion batteries.
The combination of performance and cost lets Amperics deliver a disruptive solution to customers who have accepted compromises in current implementations.