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13V, 350A, 3.3 whr
5X600F Module - 120F - Operating Current 30A - Peak Current - 350A - 13V Nominal 13V - Max Voltage - 14V - 3.3 whr


12V, 60 A peak, 0.6whr
5X100F Cells - 8 A Operating Current - 60A Peak Current. 13V Nominal - 14V Max. - 0.6 whr

HEDS 100F Capacitor – 10 Pack

2.7V 100F
10 Pack of 100F 3V HEDS Supercapacitors - Snap on Tabs


12V, 250A, 2.2 whr
5X400FHC Module - 25A Operating Current - 250A Peak Current - 80F - Nominal Voltage 13V - Max Voltage 14V - 2.2 whr

HEDS 50F Capacitor – 10 pack

3.0V 50F
10 Pack of 50F 3V HEDS Supercapacitors

HEDS 200F Capacitor – 10 Pack

3.0V 200F
10 Pack, 200F 2V HEDS Supercapacitors

HEDS 400F Capacitor(Snap Tab) – 10 Pack

3.0V 400F, low current tabs
10 Pack - 400F 3V HEDS Supercapacitors

HEDS 600F Capacitor – 10 Pack

3.0V 600F
10 Pack of 600F 3V HEDS Supercapacitos

HEDS 3000F Capacitor

3.0V 3000F
High Energy Density product for applications in high power, long life applications. This size is ideal for applications in light EV, off grid and smart grid ancillary applications.


24V, 250A, has 6.6 whr
24V, 250 A, 6.6whr  

Custom Solutions

Amperics will custom design a solution to your needs to include as appropriate supercapacitors, batteries whether Lead Acid or Li Ion and associated electronics as a turnkey solution

Contract Services

Amperics's pilot-line in Livermore has the full capability in not just supercapacitors but Li Ion development too. The expertise extends across the board to materials, electrodes, all common form factor such as coin, pouch & prismatic cells and test.


With deep expertise in nano materials, Amperics engages in evaluation and development of leading edge high surface area materials and novel chemistries.

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